We get it. The Courage Adventure requires a serious investment of energy, time, and money from you. It’s important to look at how the program is right for you, and you for the program. We get asked a lot of questions. Answers to your common questions are below. We encourage you to read them all before you apply.  



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What is the Courage Adventure?

The Courage Adventure is a boundary-pushing program, designed to develop courage, pursue purpose, and level up in your career and life. It challenges people to learn to see things differently, to take control and lead, and get the best out of themselves and others.

It uses bold action and intentional reflection to engage a group in a transformational program held over one immersive week in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, Portugal.

The program is designed as an adventure inside as well as out. It combines skydiving (or coasteering), radical honesty, firewalking, yoga, nature safari, breathwork, ecstatic dance, mindfulness, and more. Action is aligned with feedback and reflection, using daily workshops, group discussions, meditation, and journaling to develop courage and intentionally explore who you are, what you want, and how to pursue it, faster. Groups finish the program with a personalised plan of action, as well as a global network of courageous innovators and leaders who support and inspire each other to achieve massive impact.

Each part of the program is led by top instructors, who work with you as a group of unique individuals. We generally have a ratio of one instructor to every group of ten. During the program, each person takes responsibility for her or his own learning to level up, while also contributing to the growth of the whole group. Nothing special is required to apply.

The program fee is £3,895. Groups come together as adventurers, professionals, learners, explorers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders from around the world.

Admission to the Courage Adventure is by application only.
You can meet the team that creates the Courage Adventure here

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Where else can I learn more about the Courage Adventure?

You can look at our program page, download our program brochure, watch our video, book a quick chat with our team, or email hello@courageglobal.com

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What are the important dates and deadlines?

April Program - Applications Open
Application deadline: 28th March 2019
Program start date: 28th April, 2019
Program end date: 4th May, 2019

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How do I apply for the Courage Adventure?

You can find the application here.

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Why does this program exist? 

We’re currently in a purpose epidemic. Many of us feel let down by a system for learning that puts institutional stability before individual creativity. Worldwide, 85% of employees are feeling disengaged at work, while 75% of millennials across the UK, US, Australia, and India have experienced a quarter life crisis. Something has to change. The cost of inaction is killing us. Not being deeply aligned in our actions is a sure way to spend a lot of time and energy wasting our lives.

The best way we can spend our time now is:

  • Learning the number one skill to succeed - Courage

  • Learning about ourselves and our purpose in career and life

  • Learning how to learn - meta-learning

These are the three forces that help us get the best out of ourselves in career and life, and these are the three building blocks of the Courage Adventure program.

Together, our groups learn to master courage by taking action. Act first, decisively, and often. Once we commit to action, we let go of the fears and expectations that hold us back, and see more of what is really there.

Once it gets easier to see, we take the time and space to share openly and reflect honestly on our new adventures. We look again at what happened, how we felt, what we learned, and what we’d do differently for the next time.

With this new found clarity of purpose and courage cutting through the noise, we teach ourselves how to adapt, how to take on any challenge, and what we are truly capable of.

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What is the itinerary like?

The Courage Adventure is a 1-week immersive program that takes place in Sintra, Portugal.

Day 1:

  • Arrival

  • Welcome BBQ

  • Opening Ceremony

Day 2: Courage To Be Honest

  • Radical Honesty

  • Authentic Relating

  • Feedback

  • Reflection Note

Day 3: Courage To Listen Inside

  • Yoga

  • Nature Immersion

  • Transformational Breath

  • Sound Healing

  • Feedback

  • Reflection Note

Day 4: Courage To Act

  • Skydive (or Coasteering)

  • Inspirational Speaker with Q&A

  • Feedback

  • Reflection Note

Day 5: Courage To Create

  • Nature Safari

  • 5 Rhythms

  • Wild Voices

  • Taketina Rhythm Process

  • Feedback

  • Reflection Note

Day 6: Courage To Connect

  • Feedback

  • Reflection Note

  • Goodbye BBQ

  • Firewalk

  • Closing Ceremony

Day 7:

  • Departure

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Why is the program in Portugal?

Immersion. The program is in Portugal so that our groups can get away from their day to day experiences and immerse as a group in Portugal’s nature, sunshine, beaches, culture, food, warmth, and flow as a key part of the transformational adventure.

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What can I expect?

The Courage Adventure is an absolute blast. It’s immersive, intense, and for most, transformational. Unlike traditional retreats or adventure holidays, the program is designed to stretch your courage muscle for rapid learning and growth.

As a group and as individuals, you’ll be challenged to learn, reflect, take action, create, and connect in innovative, playful, and exciting ways. Each day you’ll be taking action to push your boundaries, feed back on your adventures as a group, and reflect deeply about what the adventure means for you personally. You’ll end the program with a personalised plan of action to pursue your purpose with new found clarity, effectiveness, and courage.

Our groups are the most brave and determined bunch of explorers, learners, doers, innovators, action takers, adventurers, entrepreneurs, and leaders on the planet. When you finish the program you’ll be surrounded by a global community who help each other pursue purpose and achieve massive impact, with the courage to take on any mission and succeed.

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Who is the Courage Adventure for?

It’s for the brave and determined. Typically our groups are young professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists, innovators, designers, builders, doers, makers, managers, executives, and leaders. It’s an adventure, but it’s not a holiday. It’s an intense, immersive, transformational program for people in a hurry to pursue their purpose with more clarity, effectiveness, and freedom.  

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What does Courage stand for?

Courage stands for taking action that aligns with our true purpose, so that we can get the best out of ourselves and our life through:

We approach the world with playful wonder, turning it into a limitless playground for learning and growth.

We commit to always innovating, pursuing positive change and massive impact by pushing our boundaries with action and alignment.

We inspire and motivate ourselves and each other to be honest, authentic, and act through our truest forms of expression.

We strive for clarity in our intent, thoughts, sense of purpose, connections, and communications.  

We stand for freedom to take control of our lives, to choose how we spend our precious time, to clarify what we want to achieve, and be free to pursue it - no matter what.

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Who should apply?

Consider the traditional learning program: it’s slow, you’re stuck in a classroom or online, while someone else tells you what to do.

Also consider the traditional adventure holiday or retreat: it might be fun or relaxing, but you spend a lot of time, energy, and money without pursuing your purpose, only to return to exactly the same situation that you left.

The best learning and adventure experience is transformational. It opens you up to new ways of thinking and living as you connect with a group of fellow adventurers.

What’s changed is that life is getting more comfortable. We have access to more products, services, information, and technology to do things for us than ever before. There is less and less motivation to push our boundaries, professionally or personally. But without this challenge we cannot learn and grow. We cannot innovate. We cannot lead. We cannot get the best out of ourselves and others. We cannot be free.

Our goal with the Courage Adventure is to assemble the brave and determined (professionals, innovators, and leaders) and connect them to push boundaries, pursue purpose, and level up. In just one week of intense, immersive, transformational adventure.

The Courage Adventure does not pretend to be a magic pill for happiness. Instead, we’re focused on taking action. Take action first. Then we focus on intentional and honest reflection to learn from it, fast.

The Courage Adventure isn’t a holiday or retreat. It’s a boundary pushing program, intentionally designed to help you learn courage as a fundamental tool to pursue your purpose and take on any challenge, no matter what.

If this sounds like part of the change you’d like to see in your life and career, we encourage you to apply.

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Who are the instructors?

Check out this page all about our instructors.

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How much does it cost?

£3,895. This is a life-changing investment.

This includes skydiving, firewalking, radical honesty, mindfulness, yoga, nature safari, breathwork, ecstatic dance, and much more.

On top of the activities, you also get immersive coaching from top instructors. One hour of coaching alone can cost £250, so just 10 hours would already cost you £2500. With us, you get an entire week.

During the program, you get limitless support, motivation, fun, and inspiration from your group. On top of the program, you will also gain Alumni status that gives you life-long access to our community, resources, and content.

From our side, we also invest a lot - in your instructors, adventure activities, venue, food, accommodation, transport, tools, materials, curating the groups, as well as the energy, time, and passion of a full time team making it all happen.

We built this program for you - combining over a year of design, research, and testing on ourselves and pioneering groups. The goal is to future proof you, and have a blast doing it. It’s amazing what you can achieve in a week of immersive adventure. No more sitting around, quietly waiting or hoping for things to change,

When you’re ready for this kind of transformation and investment in yourself, we’ll be here for you.

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Is there an application fee?

No. For now, we’re delighted to receive your application at no cost.

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What are the requirements to be considered?

We’re looking for people of all ages, from all backgrounds, who share a desire to push their boundaries professionally and personally, and who have shown a willingness to be brave and determined in their own way.

We believe that every person we admit to the program will raise the average, producing a global community that will support each other to get the best from life, to lead, to innovate, and take on any challenge to achieve massive impact.

Our groups are the kind of people who are already aiming and achieving high, but want the experiences and opportunities that the Courage Adventure offers, to really take things to the next level.

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Will I get in?

We’ve made it challenging to apply, betting that those that stick it out will be exactly the sort of people we’re looking for.

The basic requirements are simple: An everyday level of fitness, with the bravery and determination to take the program.

We work hard to curate the right group for each program. So don't be offended if we ask you to defer your application; there is serious thought behind it, and it's for you, so you can get the best out of the program.

People who have the ability and desire to change are the ones most likely to encourage their group to be brave and thrive. If you're the kind of person that is determined enough to read the FAQs, you're probably the kind of person who will get in.

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Consider asking your boss

This program is immersive and transformational for rapid change. It’s ideal for leaders and innovators in every field. We’re happy if your employers want to help cover the money and time commitment it requires. You can check out our page for businesses.  

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Is the program open to people from anywhere in the world?

Absolutely. One thing you should note is that the program requires a good level of English, so that you can immerse fully in the experience with your group and instructors.

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If I’m not accepted into a program, can I apply again for a future one?

You certainly can.

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Can I apply with my friends, family, or partner?

It’s better to apply by yourself. The Courage Adventure is about giving you a new space to explore more of who you are and what you really want. It’s also about giving you a new group of people to connect with and share the experience. No judgement from others, no false expectations.  We find this is much harder to achieve when you already know someone on the program. If applying by yourself feels scary or daunting, all the more reason for you to do it. We’re here for you.

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Can I apply with my work colleagues, team or boss?

Check out our page for businesses.

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On The ProgRam

What kind of support do you offer people who are having trouble on the adventure?

Everything we’re building revolves around this question. Too often, the idea of pushing boundaries is seen as a negative, scary, or painful thing, instead of the playful, exciting, exhilarating opportunity to level up it can be. Too often, the outcome of any challenge is seen as binary: “I will do it no matter what” or “I will never do it”. Too often, we tell ourselves a story that “I’m not the sort of person who can do it”.

The truth is, we all have the ability and desire to push boundaries, excel, fulfil our potential, and get the best out of life. It’s not easy, but where’s the fun in that ;) On the Courage Adventure we help you get there by leaning into it. We start slow, build things up to the right level for you, and stretch your courage muscle just the right amount, so that you can smash through your personal barriers and level up. From the moment you apply, through to the end of the program and beyond, our team of instructors and community is there to support you every step of the way.

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What are the frustrations some people have with the Courage Adventure?

Some people find some of the challenges frustrating. They are hoping for more immediate or obvious answers to the questions of identity and purpose that they seek.

We’ve also found that some people hesitate to share their true thoughts and feelings in the group. So much of our day to day experience is spent acting the way we “normally” do or the way other people expect of us, it can be difficult to open up, trust, explore, unravel, and share new experiences.

Fortunately, our groups usually discover that this is all part of what we’re trying to teach, practice, and create. The Courage Adventure isn’t a program with a fixed or guaranteed result. Instead, it’s a process, one that gives people the space and connections they need to level up.

It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you.

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Do I have to do all the activities?

This is a 1-week immersive program, the other members of the group are counting on you and each other to be brave, determined, and fully present. We’ve found that people who commit to all the activities get the most out of the adventure, and ultimately, themselves. We encourage you to do all the activities, but in the end the choice and responsibility is all yours.

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What is the accommodation like?

Comfortable and beautiful. During the program our groups stay in a private lodge in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. It is located ten minutes walk from the beach, and has everything we need on site - dining room, lounge with sofas and fireplace, BBQ with terrace and outdoor seating, 2 spacious gardens, yoga and fitness studio, hammocks, spa with sauna and jacuzzi, and outdoor swimming pool. There is WiFi in the common areas, but not in the bedrooms, so that you truly unplug. Bedrooms are twin bedrooms (2 separate beds) so our groups share one room between two people. Girls share with girls, guys with guys. Each bedroom has a private en suite bathroom with toilet and shower. We’ve found that sharing rooms allows our groups to get much more from the experience, not less, as they take on the challenge, develop courage, and level up together.

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What is the food and drink like?

Healthy and delicious. Our catering team prepares a breakfast buffet, lunch buffet or packed lunch on the go, and dinner buffet or BBQ using fresh, whole food, organic ingredients from local suppliers. There are food and drink options for vegetarians, meat eaters, vegans, intolerances, allergies, and anything else you need. In the dining room there is a selection of teas available any time. All your meals and drinks are included in the program fee.

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What are the transport arrangements?

We provide a free shuttle between Portela de Sintra train station and our venue located in Colares, Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. The shuttle service runs on the first day of the program for arrival, and the last day of the program for departure.

To get to and from Portela de Sintra, our groups make their own travel arrangements.

Once on the program, all local transport is organised and provided for you, using hired minibuses and experienced drivers. The minibuses are safety checked daily. If you want to move around by yourself, there are local taxis (Uber, Taxify, and independents), buses, hire bicycles, and walking trails in the area. If you want to go into Lisbon outside of the program, there are transport options by taxi and train from Portela de Sintra that we can show you. The reception staff at our accommodation are also available (8am-8pm) to answer any questions or help with any additional transport arrangements.

Getting to Portela de Sintra from Lisbon Airport (LIS):

  • Uber, 21 minutes, £16-£26

  • Private taxi, 21 minutes, £45-60

  • Hire car, 21 minutes, £variable (check comparison websites for best quote)

  • By public transport, 52 minutes, £3-£6: Bus (number 783 or 744) from Aeroporto to Estacao Entrecampos (10 minute bus, goes every 5 mins); Then Train from Entrecampos to Portela de Sintra (35 minute train, goes every 15 minutes)

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How is the program structured?

The program is structured around 5 pillars for developing courage and pursuing purpose to thrive:

  1. Courage to Listen

  2. Courage to Reflect

  3. Courage to Act

  4. Courage to Create

  5. Courage to Connect

For each pillar, the learning and development that you do on the program then consists of three dynamic and inter-related parts:

  1. Action: You choose to take part in boundary-pushing adventures, inside as well as out. These activities are designed to challenge your mind, body, and spirit to develop courage and pursue purpose in innovative, exciting, and playful ways. Our adventures combine skydiving (or coasteering), mindfulness, radical honesty, firewalking, yoga, nature safari, breathwork, ecstatic dance, and much more.  

  2. Reaction: You share your honest thoughts and feelings that arise from the adventure activities and challenges you take part in. This is done in pairs. small groups, or bigger groups depending on the specific activity and instructor. The Reaction process enables you to fast-track learning and connect deeper as a group by leveraging and supporting each other’s experience.

  3. Reflection Note (RN): After taking Action and feeding back your Reaction in groups, you reflect more deeply on what the experience means for you and your desired purpose. You write a ‘Reflection Note’ to consider what happened, how it made you feel, what you learned, and what you’d do differently next time. This process enables you to develop courage and pursue your purpose with far greater clarity, speed, and joy. Enjoy the process :)

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What is the usual group size?

The usual group size is 20 people. Every group is different - different people, backgrounds, organisations, comfort zones, and barriers that they feel are holding them back. But they all have one thing in common - their mindset. They are brave and determined in their desire to master courage, in their search to find and fulfil their unique sense of purpose, to lead, to constantly innovate, to thrive in their career and lives, and, ultimately, to make the most of life’s great adventure.

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 Program Fee

What is included in the program fee?

The program fee includes:

  • All adventure activities, including skydiving (or coasteering), radical honesty, mindfulness, firewalking, yoga, nature safari, breathwork, ecstatic dance, and more.

  • All coaching and reflection sessions (with trained instructors)

  • Accommodation (6 nights in Sintra-Cascais Natural Park)

  • All meals (breakfast buffet, lunch buffet or packed on-the-go, dinner buffet/BBQ)

  • Soft drinks, beer, and wine (during meals)

  • Teas (available anytime in the venue)

  • Free Courage merchandise

  • Free shuttle to and from Portela de Sintra (train station)

  • All provided Courage tools and materials

  • Alumni status with life-long access to our community, resources, and content

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What is not included in the Program Fee?

The program fee does not include:

  • International flights

  • Travel to/from Portela de Sintra

  • Alcoholic drinks (available on site)

If you are interesting in an all-inclusive program please speak with our team at Hello@courageglobal.com

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What about travel insurance?

You will need to arrange your own personal travel insurance. Our adventures include skydiving (or coasteering), firewalking, and other outdoor activities. You will need to arrange a personal travel insurance policy that covers you to take part. Once you apply for a program, we send you full details on travel insurance with everything you need to know. This includes the specific list of activities on your program that your insurance policy needs to cover. Our pre-program support team is there to make sure you are covered and to answer any questions for you.

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Is reimbursement possible?

We will do whatever we can to help you be reimbursed by your company, as more and more enlightened organisations are understanding the value of continuous learning.

You need to note that the Courage Adventure is informal, unaccredited, and non-bureaucratic. If you need a course with a certificate at the end, this isn’t for you.

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What types of payment are accepted?

We accept all standard credit and debit card options, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, as well as PayPal. We are not currently set up to bill your company, so we ask that you expense this.

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What is your refund policy?

The Courage Adventure is a mutual commitment. We commit to welcoming you into a small, focused group, and doing everything we can to deliver on the promises of the program. In return, we ask you to commit to spending the time, money and passion it takes to develop courage and level up, at the same time as you contribute to others in the program.

We understand that life can interfere and that plans change, and we’ve tried to create a refund policy that respects you, our groups and our mutual commitments.

Deposit: We require a £500 deposit to secure your spot in the Courage Adventure program and to accept our invitation. Your deposit is non-refundable.

Tuition: The rest of your program fee, £3,395, is fully refundable any time between the day we receive it and thirty-one days before the start of the program you originally applied to attend. If you withdraw and ask for a refund, and then later decide to re-apply - you'll be asked to pay a new non-refundable deposit (£500) as part of your full program.

Withdrawal: If, in the honest opinion of our instructors, you’re not contributing to the culture and upward progress of your group, we’ll let you know. If you’re still not able to participate in a positive way, we’ll ask you to leave the program. If this happens, no refund is possible.

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What is your deferral policy?

It is not possible to defer to another program on our calendar. We understand that life happens and that plans can change. This being said, we have to be fair to other eager groups who are ready to take the leap. Deferrals cause chaos with our systems and make it difficult for us to serve our other groups.

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Is financing available?

Not yet, but we’re working on it.

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Are there scholarships available?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. We want to open up the Courage Adventure opportunity to more people as we’ve seen how life-changing it can really be.

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Want to see our YESAQs where the answer is always yes?

YES during the Courage Adventure

  • Do you hand pick every member of the group?

  • Do you read every application?

  • Can I make the most of the program no matter how physically fit and strong I am feeling?

  • Can I make the most of the program with an everyday level of fitness?

  • Can I make the most of the program if I haven’t pushed my boundaries in the past?

  • Can I choose which activities I take part in?

  • Can I make the most of the program if I already have experience taking on challenges and pushing outside my comfort zone?

  • Will experienced instructors be there during the program?

  • Will the group encourage each other?

  • Will I get any free merchandise?

  • Will I get any materials to look through a few weeks before the workshop starts?

YES after the Courage Adventure

  • Will you connect us online after the program?

  • Can I see photos from the program?

  • Can I see videos from the program?

  • Can I keep in touch with my group after the program?

  • Are there opportunities to collaborate and adventure with fellow program alumni?

  • Do program groups and alumni stay friends after the program?

  • Are there opportunities to meet up in person with my group and other alumni?

  • Do alumni return for more programs?

  • Do alumni continue to develop courage after the program?

  • Do alumni continue to pursue purpose after the program?

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Any last words?

Thanks for checking out our program FAQs and YESAQs. If the Courage Adventure sounds like it is for you then hit apply and we can’t wait to see where this goes. If not, no worries. You know where to find us if you feel the call to adventure ;)

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